WoodRiver Energy
Offering commercial natural gas solutions to help manage your energy needs.

Empowering Your Passion®
We’re dedicated to helping your business find better ways to manage natural gas costs through innovative programs that are tailored to meet the needs of your business and budget. Our team of experts can help you identify the best program to make changing from your utility as a natural gas supplier simple and cost-effective.

Energy Solutions
Built For Your Business
Our integrated approach to managing your natural gas and electricity
can help save your business up to 30% on your energy
ConnectedControl -
Easily control your electrical
costs and manage your facility
We’ve teamed up with Shell Energy to provide an energy management solution that improve efficiency, reduces maintenance, and provides real-time data on your operations. Best of all, there are no upfront costs.
Safeguard your
natural gas budget
We offer four customized natural gas programs to help
you save money and safeguard your budget
Discuss Your Options
Every business is unique and that you have a very specific set of budget needs and goals. Our team will guide you through a range of solutions and customize a plan to fit your budget.
Select and Enroll
Once you find a plan that fits your needs, let our team handle the rest. We will work directly with your utility to handle all the details; saving you time and hassle.
Empower Your Passion
We’ve partnered with thousands of businesses to provide turnkey solutions to help them maximize their budget. Give us a call today to learn how we can make it happen for you.

We Make Enrolling Your Natural Gas Easy!
We offer a comprehensive customer portal where you can pay your bill, view invoices, and reach out to your representative. Visit our natural gas programs page to learn more about what value WoodRiver Energy can bring to your business. Click below to learn more.

Guaranteed Fixed Price
- Protects you against market volatility from weather-driven demand or other causes
- The program can be customized with full or partial loads based on the operations of your business
- Now is a great time to lock in your natural gas price with prices at all-time lows
Variable Rate
- Your price rises and falls with the market
- Best suited for customers with consistent usage year-round during stable market conditions
- This program can be changed to another program at any time
Price Protection
- The price will fluctuate with the market but is guaranteed to not go over the capped price
- Protects your budget from large increases in price, while giving you to option to maximize value when prices decrease
Guaranteed Savings
- The price per therm fluctuates with the utility rate but maintains a 5 percent savings
- The program is great for customers who have consistent with consistent usage year around